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Refers to the galvanizing of ordinary carbon construction steel, which can effectively prevent the steel from corrosion and rust, thereby prolonging the service life of the steel. The galvanizing is divided into electro-galvanizing and hot-dip galvanizing. Generally used in building exterior walls, such as glass curtain walls, marble curtain walls, aluminum curtain walls as columns and stress materials, or used in outdoor telecommunications towers, highways and other open-air construction steel called galvanized steel, of which galvanizing is divided into electro-galvanized and hot Dip galvanized.

The mechanical properties of steel is an important index to ensure the ultimate performance (mechanical properties) of the steel, and it depends on the chemical composition of the steel and the heat treatment system. In the steel pipe standard, according to different application requirements, the tensile properties (tensile strength, yield strength or yield point, elongation), hardness, toughness indicators, and high and low temperature properties required by users are specified


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Galvanized square tube 2

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Galvanized square tube 1

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Galvanized round pipe 2

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Galvanized round pipe 1

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