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PKPM structural design software: PKPM structural design software has an absolute advantage in the domestic design industry, with tens of thousands of users and a market share of more than 90%, and has now become the most widely used CAD system in China. It keeps up with the needs of the industry and updates the standards, and continuously develops software products that have a great impact on the industry. As a result, domestic software with independent intellectual property rights has occupied the leading position in the application and technology of China's structural design industry for more than ten years. It meets the needs of the rapid development of China's construction industry in a timely manner, significantly improves the design efficiency and quality, and makes important contributions to the realization of the goal of "Abandoning Drawing Board" put forward by the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development of the People's Republic of China.

In recent years, the Software Institute has made many expansions in the fields of building energy conservation and green building, and has played an important role in energy conservation, water conservation, land conservation, material conservation and environmental protection. The building energy-saving design and appraisal and analysis software developed by us has been popularized to cover most parts of the country and is the earliest and most widely used energy-saving design software. In 2005, we won the second prize of Huaxia Scientific and Technological Progress. In terms of planning and land saving, we have three-dimensional residential area planning and design software, three-dimensional sunshine analysis software, site engineering and earthwork calculation software. In terms of environment, we have garden design software, wind environment calculation and simulation software, and environmental noise calculation and analysis system. We also have Chinese classical architectural design software, three-dimensional architectural modeling master software and architectural decoration design software.

Based on the domestic market, we actively explore overseas markets of software. At present, the British standard and the American standard versions have been developed and have entered the markets of Singapore, Malaysia, South Korea, Vietnam and other countries as well as Hong Kong and Taiwan regions, making PKPM software an international product and improving the position and competitiveness of domestic software in international competition.

Now, PKPM has become a large-scale construction engineering software system oriented to the whole life cycle of construction engineering, which integrates construction, structure, equipment, energy conservation, budget estimate, construction technology, construction management and enterprise informatization. With its all-round development of technology field, PKPM has established a unique leading position in the industry.

Over the years, the Software Institute has successively undertaken the national scientific and technological research projects of the Sixth Five-Year Plan, Seventh Five-Year Plan, Eighth Five-Year Plan, the Ninth Five-Year and Tenth Five-Year Plan and 863 projects, and has always stood at the forefront of construction informatization. At present, it is undertaking the national Eleventh Five-Year Plan research and more than a dozen 863 projects. Due to its remarkable role in promoting the technological progress of the industry, the software institute has won a second prize for national scientific and technological progress, three third prizes, and more than 20 first to third prizes for scientific and technological progress of the Ministry of Construction. Its main products have been rated as national excellent software by the China Software Industry Association for several consecutive years.

The software institute takes providing users with high-quality and efficient technical services as the fundamental purpose of enterprise development. We have established close ties with the vast number of users through the technical service network all over the country. We pay attention to the development of the industry, listen to the opinions of users, and provide users with updated versions of content every year, thus meeting the needs of the market in a timely manner.

Post time: Oct-27-2020