Entity 3D3S Steel Structure Construction And Drawing System

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3D3S steel structure solid construction and drawing system is mainly aimed at light portal frame and multi-storey building structure. It can read the 3D design model of 3D3S design system, read the 3D calculation model of SAP2000 or directly define the column network to input the 3D model. It provides all kinds of joint forms of beam and column for users to choose from. It automatically completes node calculation or checking calculation, classifies and numbers nodes and bar types, edits nodes, increases/decreases/changes stiffening plates, modifies bolt arrangement and size, modifies weld size, and re-checks calculation to directly generate node design calculation sheet and directly generate structural preliminary design drawings, design construction drawings and processing details according to three-dimensional solid models

The nonlinear calculation and analysis system of 3D3S steel and spatial structures is divided into ordinary version and advanced version. The ordinary version is mainly suitable for any bar system structure composed of beams, rods and cables. It can be used to calculate the nonlinear load-displacement relationship and ultimate bearing capacity of the structure, and the initial state form-finding analysis and the working state calculation of the pretension structure, including the form-finding and calculation of cable-rod system, cable-beam system, cable-net system and mixed system, the calculation of buckling characteristics of the bar structure, the calculation of structural dynamic characteristics and the calculation of dynamic time history. The advanced version includes all the functions of the ordinary version, and can also calculate, analyze and display the whole process of structural system construction. The construction step and its corresponding members, joints, loads and boundaries can be defined arbitrarily to complete the nonlinear calculation of the whole process. The actual conditions in construction such as node coordinate update, active cable tension and support void caused by deformation in the construction process can be considered.

3D3S auxiliary structure design and drawing system can design and check independent foundation, strip foundation, steel structure beam, steel structure column, steel structure support, profiled steel plate composite floor, composite beam and small and medium-sized working crane beam. It can also directly generate calculation sheets and AutoCAD design and construction drawings. For direct running and rotating steel stairs, AutoCAD construction drawings can be directly generated according to input parameters.

Post time: Nov-02-2020