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CAD Software Technology: As an outstanding achievement of engineering technology, CAD technology has been widely used in various fields of engineering design. With the development and application of the CAD system, the traditional product design method and production mode have undergone profound changes, resulting in huge social and economic benefits. At present, the research hotspots of CAD technology include computer-aided conceptual design, computer-supported collaborative design, massive information storage, management and retrieval, design method research and related issues, support for innovative design, etc. It can be predicted that there will be a new leap in technology and a design change at the same time [1].

CAD technology has been continuously developing and exploring. The application of CAD technology has played a role in improving the design efficiency of enterprises, optimizing the design scheme, reducing the labor intensity of technicians, shortening the design cycle, strengthening the design standardization, etc. More and more people realize that CAD is a great productivity. CAD technology has been widely used in machinery, electronics, aerospace, chemical industry, construction and other industries. Concurrent design, collaborative design, intelligent design, virtual design, agile design, full life cycle design and other design methods represent the development direction of modern product design mode. With the further development of artificial intelligence, multimedia, virtual reality, information and other technologies, CAD technology is bound to develop towards integration, intelligence and coordination. Enterprise CAD and CIMS technology must take a step-by-step road with e-commerce as its goal. Starting from the inside of the enterprise, the integrated, intelligent and networked management is realized, and the e-commerce is used to cross the boundaries of the enterprise to realize the real agile supply chain facing customers, inside the enterprise and between suppliers.

However, CAD software is only used as post-processing software within the company, as an important tool for post-editing and drawing output of drawings, and the design itself is completed by other design software.


Post time: Oct-27-2020